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Vehicle Graphics   Need some eye-catching branding on your vehicle?  Partial or full wrap vinyl graphics are now available from Extreme Exposures! Printed Vinyl
Trailer Graphics Need some eye-catching graphics on your trailer?  Commercial or personal haulers with customized designs by Extreme Exposures! Printed Vinyl
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Premium Cast Vinyls

Printed Vinyl

Our Mimaki CJV-300 large format printer utilizes an 8 ink cartridge, Eco-solvent ink configuration to print on various grades of adhesive-backed vinyls can have vibrant, colorful designs printed directly onto rolls of vinyl for use in various applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Decals - bumper stickers for clubs, sport teams, organizations, retail or industrial labeling and many other applications
  • Signage - printed vinyl great for commercial use on commercial applications like signs, menus, wall murals, floor graphics.
  • Vehicle Graphics - for commercial recognition, decorative applications
  • Wraps - highly conformable vinyl to completely wrap around items like vehicles, computers, cell phones. Anything with a surface that needs special decoration!

Premium Cast Vinyl

Premium Cast Vinyl Printing

While mostly known in the vinyl printing and wrapping industry as "vehicle wrap vinyl," cast vinyls come in multiple grades and adhesive options. The main difference between calendered and cast vinyls is the process in which they are manufactured. Both come in permanent and removable adhesives, but the difference is in the process in which the printable surfaces are created. Cast vinyls are "poured" instead of pressed which results in reduced surface "memory" allowing greater conformability over contoured surfaces.

With engineered "air regress" textured channels in the adhesive surface, cast vinyls allow low-tack adhesion while vinyl is being positioned without the use of liquid "wet install" application fluids. Air bubbles and wrinkles are easily removed by way of the air regress channels providing escape routes of the trapped air. Premium cast vinyls provide 5 to 7 year advertised durability for adhesion.

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