Specialty Vinyls

Specialty Vinyls
Printable special use vinyls include, but are not limited to: Reflective vinyls, translucent Backlit vinyls, Static ClingPerforated Window vinyls and vinyls engineered for floor signagebrick/masonry exterior applications.

Vu-Thru Perforated Window Vinyl
Available in two options; a 50/50 selection allows more transmission of light and the 60/40 selection provides more printable surface area for a more vibrant print. Sample below is 60/40 vinyl.

Vu-Thru Perforated Window VinylVarious Vinyl Grades
Length of use, exposure to environmental elements, conformability, UV durability, ease of application are all factors in determining the proper vinyl to fill your needs. Based on the application needed for a particular project, material cost vary from unlaminated, calendered vinyl for short term, inexpensive uses to premium repositionable cast vinyls used in vehicle wrap applications.